Okinawa Kagoshima Black Sugar

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Okinawa Kagoshima Black Sugar (Non-Stock Item)

Selected by Classic Fine Foods offers a range of products to answer the local needs of its customers for essential and affordable products while answering the new market trends. They strive to bring chefs new solutions at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality.

Okinawa Kagoshima Black Sugar company makes products from Okinawa and kagoshima sugarcane since 1964. These black sugar pieces are made by mixing raw sugar, molasses which occurs while refining the sugar, and brown sugar which is a sugar slightly refined. This mix gives to these black sugar pieces a sweet taste very characteristic of the sugarcane.

Flavour : Sweet, light liquorice taste.

Use : Okinawa Kagoshima Black Sugar can be used in cooking and pastry. It can be kneaded in a softened butter, it goes very well with chocolate and red berries. You can also sprinkle a bit of black sugar on your yoghurt or nibble it like a treat.


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