british bresaola

British Bresaola

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British Bresaola (Non-stock Item)

Tempus have perfected the art of beef craftsmanship with their remarkable Bresaola Trimmed Salmon Cut of Beef. Each cut is meticulously cured for a full two weeks, then encased in a beef bladder to be aged for a minimum of two months.

Tantalize your taste buds with the deep and rich flavours that are the hallmark of Tempus beef. Savour the pronounced beef essence, with delicate notes of garlic, rosemary, and black pepper that dance on your palate.

Tempus Bresaola is cured and air-dried dairy beef is a true masterpiece, aged to perfection for three months. Tempus takes immense pride in this product, and their commitment to quality shines through. They exclusively source meat from ex-dairy cattle, known for their maturity and exceptional flavour. While this beef may be naturally tougher, it is a culinary gem waiting to be unlocked.

Through their meticulous curing and aging process, they artfully break down the proteins, resulting in a beautifully tender, silky air-dried beef that retains its exquisite deep flavour.

Tempus uses only ex-breeding sows and ex-dairy beef in their charcuterie, which in the case of the pigs means animals that are often in excess of 4 years old and weigh more than 180kg. The beef comes from animals that can be up to 14 years of age. It is simply impossible for younger or smaller animals to match their levels of marbling, fat ratios, and intensity of flavour. This is fundamental to Tempus. They only use animals at the end of their lives.

In addition to their technical expertise, they are passionate about the flavour and use carefully blended spices to enhance this wonderful meat to produce a range of uniquely Tempus products. In their custom-built facility in Weybridge, they butcher, ferment, cure, and age all of their products. Some of these products can take over a year to mature.


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