Crema Di Pecora

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Elevate Your Dishes with Crema di Pecora: Award-Winning Artisan Ricotta from Caseificio Artigiana(Non-stock Item)

Elevate Your Dishes with Crema di Pecora: Award-Winning Artisan Ricotta from Caseificio Artigiana

Infused with the rich heritage of Puglia and crafted with over 20 years of cheesemaking expertise, Caseificio Artigiana's Crema di Pecora is an award-winning ricotta destined to inspire your culinary creations.

This exceptional dairy product is unlike any ricotta you've experienced before. Made with a unique blend of whey and sheep's milk, Crema di Pecora boasts a complex flavor profile – fragrant with a touch of sweetness and a delightful hint of sheep's milk. Its smooth, creamy texture makes it a versatile ingredient for both savory and sweet applications in professional kitchens.

Unleash your creativity with Crema di Pecora in:

Pastry masterpieces: Fill delicate cannoli, craft luxurious cheesecakes, or create light and fluffy mousses.

Luscious pasta dishes: Fold it into creamy sauces for gnocchi, ravioli, or handmade pasta for an unforgettable richness.

Elevated appetizers: Whip up a smooth, flavorful dip or dollop it over bruschetta for a touch of rustic elegance.

Delectable desserts: Layer it into parfaits, pair it with seasonal fruits, or use it as a base for panna cotta with a unique twist.

Crema di Pecora is a testament to Caseificio Artigiana's dedication to quality and tradition.  Order yours today and experience the difference that exceptional ricotta can make in your dishes.

Allergens: Milk 


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