• Bordier Salted Butter Pyramid  has a fresh milk flavour and creamy consistency.

Bordier Salted Butter Pyramid

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Handmade in Brittany, France, Bordier Salted Butter Pyramid has a smooth texture and fresh flavour that has become a favourite among Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide.

Bordier Salted Butter Pyramid has a extremely smooth consistency, elegant pyramid shape and natural flavour that gets its qualities from the luscious fields the cows graze on in Brittany and Normandy, which change as the seasons do.

Bordier Salted Butter Pyramid has a creamy flavour with strong bursts of fine salt which is perfect spread generously for fresh bread, making it the first choice of butter for chefs. It is great melted on top of vegetables and roast chicken and even as a base for salted caramel sauce.

Bordier Salted Butter Pyramid is so delicious because of the unique method of churning. Le Beurre Bordier is the last artisan butter maker in France to still use a traditional wooden teak paddles known as the Malaxeur to knead the butter slowly. This can last for up to half an hour depending on the season. The result is a butter with rich flavour and a wonderful silky texture.

Chef's tip for Bordier butter: It is best to remove the butter from the refrigerator a few minutes before you begin preparing it.

Bordier Salted butter is used by some of the most revered chefs around the world. It's founder, Jean-Yves Bordier comes from a long line of cheesemongers and has made the business his life-long passion. Bordier is one of the finest artisanal butter and cheese producing companies in France. They create premium quality dairy products from butter to crème fraiche by sourcing the best organic milk from Brittany and Normandy and using traditional methods of production. This supports local farmers who work organically and with sustainable practices.

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