Soft Cheese 30% Fat

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Soft Cheese 30% Fat (Stock Item)

Elevate your dishes with BV Dairy's exquisite Soft Cheese, crafted using a pioneering Ultra Filtration (UF) process. This innovative technique yields a luxuriously smooth and spreadable cheese, perfect for a multitude of culinary applications.

Why Choose BV Dairy Soft Cheese?

Unparalleled Creaminess: The UF process creates a remarkably smooth and spreadable texture, ideal for creating decadent sauces, fillings, and dips.

Exceptional Versatility: This soft cheese is a culinary chameleon, adapting seamlessly to both sweet and savoury creations.

Consistent Quality: BV Dairy's commitment to excellence ensures a consistent product, allowing you to focus on crafting exceptional dishes.

Fresh from the Blackmore Vale: Sourced from the lush pastures of Dorset, BV Dairy's milk boasts superior quality, reflected in the taste of their cheese.

Tips for Chefs:

Craft Dreamy Sauces: This cheese forms the ideal base for luxurious cream sauces for pasta or vegetables. Infuse it with herbs, spices, or a touch of acidity for a burst of flavour.

Effortless Dips: Whip up a gourmet cheese dip in minutes by combining BV Dairy Soft Cheese with fresh herbs, roasted garlic, or a touch of caramelized onion.

Indulgent Fillings: Fill pastries, canapés, or ravioli with a creamy mixture of BV Dairy Soft Cheese and your favourite ingredients.

Sweet Applications: Don't be limited by savoury! This soft cheese can be used to create delightful cheesecake fillings or frostings with a touch of sweetness.

BV Dairy Soft Cheese:  A testament to tradition and innovation, this exceptional cheese is a must-have for any professional chef's repertoire.

Allergens: Dairy


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