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What's Hot This Month At Classic Fine Foods: November Edition

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For professional chefs, staying ahead in the culinary world requires a deep understanding of the seasons and the ingredients they bring. November is a month of transition, as the autumnal hues give way to the wintery embrace. In this blog, we'll explore some exquisite seasonal products that will elevate your culinary creations this November. Let's delve into the culinary treasures of the month!


The Star of the Season: Brussel Sprouts

As we celebrate the treasures of November, it would be remiss not to mention the unsung hero of the month - Brussel sprouts. These miniature cabbages, often overlooked, are a seasonal gem that can shine in your culinary creations. Their earthy, slightly nutty flavour makes them a versatile ingredient. Roasted with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt, they become a delicious side dish. Or, you can finely shred and sauté them to create a base for savoury dishes. The versatility and nutritional benefits of Brussel sprouts make them an essential component of November's culinary arsenal.

brussel sprouts


Mon Cheri Clementines from France

As November arrives, it brings with it the first hints of winter. One seasonal delight that professional chefs look forward to is the Mon Cheri Clementine from France. These small, seedless, and easy-to-peel citrus gems are known for their vibrant flavour and juicy sweetness. Incorporating Mon Cheri Clementines into your dishes can add a burst of freshness and a touch of elegance to your creations. Whether it's a vibrant salad, a zesty vinaigrette, or a dessert garnish, these clementines will awaken the senses of your diners with their aromatic notes.

Mon cheri clementines


Prince De Dombes Label Rouge Turkey from Mieral

November's culinary spotlight often falls on the Thanksgiving feast, and what better centrepiece than a Prince De Dombes Label Rouge Turkey from Mieral? Hailing from France, this turkey is renowned for its superior quality and distinctive flavour. As a professional chef, working with the finest ingredients is crucial, and this turkey is a prime example of excellence. Its rich, succulent meat and well-defined flavour profile make it an excellent choice for roasting, grilling, or smoking. The Prince De Dombes Label Rouge Turkey is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

red label turkey thanksgiving


The One - Fine Blended Whisky from The Lakes Distillery

With the arrival of chilly November evenings, a fine whiskey is the perfect way to warm the soul. The One - Fine Blended Whisky from The Lakes Distillery is a fantastic choice for professional chefs who appreciate the complexities of whiskey. Crafted with a blend of select malt and grain whiskeys, this exquisite blend offers a symphony of flavours, including notes of dried fruit, vanilla, and toffee. It can be enjoyed neat or as a base for craft cocktails that capture the essence of autumn. A carefully chosen whiskey can add warmth and depth to your culinary offerings, making it an essential choice for the season.



Valrhona Celaya Hot Chocolate

November marks the start of hot chocolate season, and for professional chefs, the choice of cocoa matters. Valrhona Celaya Hot Chocolate is a decadent and high-quality option that will delight your customers. Made with Valrhona's renowned expertise in chocolate, this hot chocolate is a luxurious blend of cocoa and real chocolate chips. The result is a velvety, rich, and indulgent hot chocolate that is perfect for warming the hearts of your diners. Whether you're serving it as a standalone beverage or incorporating it into your dessert creations, Valrhona Celaya Hot Chocolate is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

hot chocolate

As professional chefs, it's our duty to embrace the season and the bountiful ingredients it offers. This November, consider incorporating the Mon Cheri Clementines, Prince De Dombes Label Rouge Turkey, Beluga Huso Huso Caviar, The One - Fine Blended Whisky, and Valrhona Celaya Hot Chocolate into your culinary creations. These exceptional products will elevate your dishes and provide a memorable dining experience for your guests. And, don't forget the star of the season, Brussel sprouts, which can add depth and nutrition to your menus. Embrace the season, explore the culinary treasures it offers, and create unforgettable dishes that capture the essence of November.

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