Fine Butter Croissant

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Fine Butter Croissant is a classic French pastry made with pure buttery for a flaky texture and rich buttery flavour. (Stock Item)

These Fine Butter Croissants are a must for any breakfast offering.

The Fine Butter Croissant has light and flaky pastry but still keeps the crisp texture you would expect with a rich buttery flavour.

French Butter Croissant is made with the highest quality ingredients including fine butter and free range eggs, making it the perfect premium pastry.

The Fine Butter Croissant is a must for any breakfast offering or afternoon tea. They are also delicious for making a croque monsieur or other hot sandwiches.

Bridor follows their classic recipe, that uses a dash of milk and cream to create an intense flavour in their pastries. Blended with their pure butter puff pastry, the result is a very flaky and airy pastry with a soft and buttery centre.

Fine Butter Croissant is part of Bridor’s Clean Label recipe, which guarantees that it is made using only the most natural ingredients: flour, butter, water, yeast, eggs, salt, sugar.

French Butter Croissant comes in 70g size.

Cooking instructions: First leave the pastries on a tray at room temperature for 15mins. Then bake at 165-170 degrees for around 15-18mins.

With 10 years of expertise, Bridor use the finest French ingredients, combined with traditional techniques and innovative industrial standards and management to create a range of artisanal products fit for the finest hotels and restaurants globally. 

From their Nordic loaf to their Italian Foccacia, Bridor are inspired to create outstanding products through the extraordinary expertise of bakers and chefs from around the globe. Their breads and Viennese pastries are refined, delicious, made from natural ingredients and stay true to their origins.

Allergens: Gluten, Egg, Milk. May contain traces of Nuts, Sesame, Soya.

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