Smoked Salmon Balmoral Fillet

Packaging: 240-450G PACKET

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Smoked Salmon Balmoral Fillet 240G - 450G (Stock Item)

Experience the exquisite flavour of our Balmoral Smoked Salmon – a culinary masterpiece that elevates your taste buds. Sourced from the crown of the salmon fillet, this premium cut boasts unparalleled tenderness and succulence. John Ross artisans skilfully cold smoke it in traditional red brick kilns, using a blend of oak and beech chippings from a bygone era.

The result? A mouth-watering smoked salmon that transcends ordinary standards – a truly world-class delicacy. Now, indulge in the luxury of John Ross Balmoral fillet presented in a stunning new box, adding an extra layer of WOW factor, perfect for memorable gifts.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, John Ross are masters of their craft and one of the last ever remaining smokehouses to hand prepare Scottish smoked salmon using traditional brick kilns.

Allergens: fish


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