Tarbouriech Pink Oysters

Packaging: BOX OF 12 X N.3

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Tarbouriech Pink Oysters are exceptional French oysters with a complex and fresh flavour and firm texture (Non-stock Item)

Tarbouriech Pink Oysters are very fleshy and offer more than a firm and crunchy flesh, but a complex and fine aroma.

Tarbouriech Pink Oysters are an N.3 sized oyster, which is one of the smallest oysters, weighing between 56-65g.

Tabboureich La Maison is based in the Thau Lagoon in France. They use traditional French knowledge combined with innovative technology to create their remarkable oysters.

Tarbouriech La Maison oysters are farmed with an innovative, sustainable and unique and patented method : the Solar Tide. This improves the oysters’ qualities, giving it it’s pinky shell and exceptional taste. 

Serve Tarbouriech Pink Oysters with a slice of lemon or mignonette sauce.

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Allergens: Molluscs


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