Ostra Regal Speciales Oysters

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The cove-grown Ostra Regal Speciales Oysters, the first gem of the Famille Boutrais, is an extraordinary product cultivated for real oyster connoisseurs. (Non-stock Item)

Ostra Regal Speciales Oysters originate from a meticulous and complex process. The French oyster seeds are brought in from the best hatcheries in Vendée, France. They are then grown at Clew Bay farm in Ireland, where they are brought up to the half-grown stage (3-4cm long). The batches are then graded on their size and weight before being transferred to Bannow Cove for two more years to complete their transformation.

With this method of growth in a sheltered cove, the Ostra Regal Speciales Oysters acquire exceptional organoleptic qualities, a crispy texture, a high meat ratio, a unique well-balanced sweet and sour taste, and an amazingly long finish. At first, they are iodized and mineral in the mouth, then they have a strong algal long finish.

Ostra Regal Speciales Oysters are N.3 sized oysters, which are one of the smallest oysters, weighing between 56-65g.

Serve Ostra Regal Speciales Oysters with a squeeze of lemon or in the classic French way, with mignonette sauce for the perfect appetizer.

La Famille Boutrais is a family-run business that owns five oyster farms in France and Ireland. They use their traditional French know-how and passion for oyster cultivation to create premium oysters for top restaurants and hotels around the world.

Pushing farther afield the knowledge and understanding of those sea shores, they are constantly improving the quality of our work to produce a top-quality product.

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Allergens: Mollusc

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