Gillardeau Speciales Oysters

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Gillardeau Speciales Oysters are delicious French oysters with a sweet taste and firm and thick texture. (Non-stock Item)

Gillardeau Speciales Oysters have a really sweet taste with notes of dried fruit. They have a firm and thick meat and a slight crunch.

Serve Gillardeau Speciales Rock Oysters N.2 with a slice of lemon or a little tabasco.

Gillardeau Speciales Oysters are an N.2 oyster, which is one of the smallest oysters, weighing about 60g.

Farmed in La Rochelle and the Île d'Oléron in western France, Gillardeau Speciales Oysters are some of the finest French rock oysters on the market.

From their shell shape to their flesh rate, the oysters on the farm are checked daily to ensure that they are of the highest quality possible. The salinity, oxygen rate and overall quality of the water pools is checked regularly as this can affect the growth of the oysters.

This attention to detail gives Gillardeau Speciales Oysters their generous flesh and unique, delicious flavour.

Serve Gillardeau Speciales Oysters with a slice of lemon, a little tabasco or a mignonette dressing for the perfect gourmet starter.

Founded by Henri Gillardeau in 1898, Gillardeau Maison were a pioneer in oyster farming in France. They cultivate their oysters in the Belon River in Brittany, using traditional know-how and innovation to produce the highest quality oysters possible.

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