• Frozen Piglet Belly

Frozen Piglet Belly

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Frozen Piglet Belly is some of the French finest piglet meat on offer, with a low fat content and more delicate, tender than other pork cuts. (Stock Item)

As a younger meat, Frozen Piglet Belly has less fat, and a more delicate flavour and texture. Leave the skin on the Frozen Piglet Belly when roasting and marinade or rub for a fuller flavour.

The soft tender texture of the Frozen Piglet Belly is truly impressive. Marinade and leave the skin on when cooking to create a delicious thin crispy crackling.

Chef’s tip: Before cooking Frozen Piglet Belly, marinade or rub the meat in your preferred spcies to achieve the best flavour. Slow-roasted for at least 2-3 hours for meat that just falls off the bone.

Based in Northern France, Porketto has a recognised international presence as the European specialist in piglets. The company's specialisation allows it to offer a source of supply in quantity and quality.

Check out Porketto’s recipe page for tips and inspiration dishes here.

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