Akune Gold Wagyu Striploin

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Akune Gold Wagyu Striploin is an A4 graded steak meaning the beef has impressive marbling, flavour and a melt-in-the-mouth texture. (Stock Item)

With some of the highest marbling in the world, Akune Gold Wagyu Striploin has a very low melting point, a rich buttery flavour and melt in the mouth texture.

Akune Gold Wagyu Striploin is an A4 graded steak. This is a mark of outstanding quality for beef in Japan.

Cooking tip (for 300g steak): Generously coat the Striploin in oil before cooking and heat you pan on a high heat before placing the steak in it. Make sure to cook the steak fat side first to allow the fat to render and release its flavour. Then cook either side for 4/5 minutes on a medium heat. Rest for 5-7 mins before serving.

Akune Gold selects the best wagyu beef from areas of Japan such as Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Kumamoto, world-renowned for its quality and impressive marbling.

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