Rubino Red Wine Vinegar

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Rubino Red Wine Vinegar (Stock Item)

Terre Bormane comes from the north western Italian region of Liguria, the home of the Taggiasca Olive. With a unique micro-climate and terroir give the oil a unique flavour , perfectly balanced but with a noble simplicity.

Rubino Red Wine Vinegar is made from carefully selected red wines from the renowned wine-producing region of Piemonte, Italy. The process of acetification is carried out in oak barrels where the vinegar is left to mature for at least a year. This ageing process allows the flavours of the vinegar to develop as it absorbs tannin from the oak and results in turning the vinegar a wonderful amber colour.

With a real depth of flavour, Rubino Red Wine Vinegar is the perfect base for any vinegrette.


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EU Origin

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