vegan egg yolk
  • vegan egg yolk

Plant-based Egg Yolk Powder

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Plant-based Egg Yolk Powder (Stock Item)

Yumgo’s Plant-based Egg Yolk is made from only a few natural, plant-based ingredients that create the same properties as egg yolk. It is vegan, allergen-free and high in protein and fiber. 

Replaces egg yolks in sweet and savoury recipes: creams (custard), sauces (mayonnaise) and biscuits (shortbreads).

Yumgo are pioneers in the world of plant-based eggs, offering professional chefs a solution to plant-based cooking without having to alter their recipes. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in the range of impressive egg alternatives that have the same properties and uses as eggs.


  • 1 Egg Yolk= 2g Egg Yolk Powder+ 16g Water+ 2g Oil
  • Combine the water, powder and oil with a hand blender to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  • Use the same amount of rehydrated YUMGO Yolk as egg yolks in recipes.
  • To achieve gelling (for custard cream, crème brûlée), bring the mix to a boil in the recipe. Gelling will happen when the mix cools down.
  • The mix of YUMGO White and YUMGO Yolk does not replace whole eggs.

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