Happy Easter

Happy Easter

As spring begins to blossom, it is Easter time again! This year Easter Sunday is on April 9th so now is the time to begin planning your menus for this busy seasonal period.

At Classic Fine Foods, we are here to provide you with premium seasonal ingredients for your Easter creations. Whether you are creating delicious Easter-themed desserts or a lamb Sunday showstopper, we have you covered. Discover our range of Easter products including Valrhona Easter eggs, Ponthier fruit purees, PCB Creation Easter pastry decorations or Axuria French lamb.

To help you out this spring time, we are also offering a number of great Easter discounts on products such as Valrhona and Schaal Easter eggs, Villars couvertures and Sosa vegan essentials. Available from 28th February to 30th April.

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How to Use Sosa Vegan Essentials to Make The Perfect Sponge

Follow our tutorial with Denis Drame MCA Head of Culinary Development and Chocolate Specialist Sam Smallman at Classic Fine Foods on how to use Sosa vegan ingredients to make the perfect sponge cake.

The Origin of Chocolate Easter Eggs with Classic Fine Foods Chocolate Specialist Sam Smallman

Easter and chocolate have been linked for years but, where does the nostalgia for chocolate Easter eggs come from? Listen to our Chocolate Specialist Sam Smallman and learn the details and interesting facts!

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