Moulin Cornille

Moulin Cornille

Based in the Baux de Provence valley in France, Moulin Cornille produces some of the finest and most distinctive extra virgin olive oils. The company uses authentic, age-old methods of oil production to create their unique ‘black fruity’ flavour.

Forming in 1924 as a cooperative, Moulin Cornille has a long history of oil production and has been awarded an AOP, an official French certification that recognises the authenticity of origin for French goods.

Their extra virgin olive oil is made from four varieties of olives: Salonenque, Berugette, Grossane and Verdale.

The company follows traditional methods, storing olives for 48 hours without air before crushing. The olives are then crushed, and the paste is pressed or centrifuged to obtain a very sweet oil, without a peppery flavour.

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French Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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