Frozen Canadian Medium Raw Scallops 44/66

Packaging: 1KG PACKET

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Frozen Canadian Medium Raw Scallops 44/67 (Stock item)

Premium Shellfish offer excellence in seafood from different countries in the world , providing high-level culinary solutions for the most demanding kitchens.

Frozen Canadian Medium Raw Scallops 44/66 are MSC certified wild scallops farmed in Canada all year round. Species: Placopecten Magellanicus. Wild Seafood. This shellfish is 100% Natural, free of additives and preservatives with no water injection.

Frozen Canadian Medium Raw Scallops 44/66 are IQF frozen in less than 1 hour for maximum freshness and flavour.

5% Glaze compensated. 1 Kg net weight, This 5% glaze it's necessary to protect the shape of the scallop when frozen. This process is not built in to the product’s cost.

55 units approx. (+/- 19 grams each)

Allergens: Molluscs


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