• Frozen Abalone  is commonly used in Asian cuisine.

Frozen Abalone

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Considered a delicacy , particularly in Japanese and Korean cuisine, Frozen Abalone is a rich and flavourful mollusc with a crisp yet tender texture. (Non-stock Item)

Frozen Abalone is a kind of shellfish that is perfect for creative cuisine: original, naturally tender with a distinct taste to make any dish stand out.

Frozen Abalone have a unique chewy texture and a subtle saltiness reminiscent of their sea habitat. It is also simultaneously rich and sweet with a buttery finish. Fresh Abalone also has notes of umamai which make it popular in Asian cooking.

Live abalones 6-7cm in length, this is the ideal size for great flavoured, tender and easy to prepare abalones.

Frozen Abalone is perfect for panfrying or braising but can also be eaten raw. How to prepare Abalone: Abalone needs to be shucked, cleaned, and tenderized or the meat will have a rubbery texture. To gently release the meat from the shell, a wide, flat, wooden spatula works well. It is sometimes soaked or blanched prior to shelling. The viscera (guts), black edges, and tough outer skin is then removed. This leaves the meat tenderized and ready to eat.

France Haliotis breeds Abalone from Brittany with a unique and delicious taste which is available all year round. With a great passion for cultivation and a focus of attention to detail, they produce premium quality abalone.

During the years of breeding, it takes around 10-15kg of algae to make one kilogram of Fresh Abalone.

Learn more about France Haliotis breeding here.

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Allergens: Molluscs

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