achari salami

Achari Salami

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Achari Salami (Non-stock Item)

Craftsmanship at its finest: Achari salami is a testament to the art of culinary precision. It’s starts by carefully selecting the perfect ratio of lean and fat, which is then expertly minced and skilfully blended with a harmonious mix of spices and cures. This exquisite mixture is delicately stuffed into natural casings, beginning a journey that spans 72 hours of meticulous fermentation, followed by a minimum aging period of 2 months.

Savour the Symphony of Flavours: As you indulge in Achari salami, you'll be transported to a world of rich and rounded taste sensations. Tempus special blend of Achari spices infuses every bite with a truly one-of-a-kind essence. This unique flavour profile is rooted in a centuries-old Indian recipe for pickling, combined with time-honoured methods of fermentation and aging. Within this salami, you'll discover the delicate dance of fennel seed, Talicherry black pepper, and fenugreek, resulting in a complex, yet subtly nuanced flavour that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Tempus uses only ex-breeding sows and ex-dairy beef in their charcuterie, which in the case of the pigs means animals that are often in excess of 4 years old and weigh more than 180kg. The beef comes from animals that can be up to 14 years of age. It is simply impossible for younger or smaller animals to match their levels of marbling, fat ratios, and intensity of flavour. This is fundamental to Tempus. They only use animals at the end of their lives.

In addition to their technical expertise, they are passionate about the flavour and use carefully blended spices to enhance this wonderful meat to produce a range of uniquely Tempus products. In their custom-built facility in Weybridge, they butcher, ferment, cure, and age all of their products. Some of these products can take over a year to mature.


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