Frozen Lumina Lamb Loin Boneless Cap On

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Frozen Lumina Lamb Loin Boneless Cap On (Stock Item)

Lumina Lamb is the premium range of the New Zealand group, Alliance, one of the world’s largest lamb producers and owned by more than 4000 family-farms. The combination of the finest breed, New Zealand’s unique landscape and the 21-day aging process results in an entirely new lamb taste experience with outstanding succulence and flavour.

The native New Zealand Lumina lamb breed spend the last thirty days grazing on chicory, giving the meat wonderful marbling, tenderness and flavour. Frozen Lumina Lamb Loin Boneless Cap On is more versatile than other breeds of lamb, retaining its shape and texture better, and is less prone to cooking shrinkage.

The fat on Frozen Lumina Lamb Loin Boneless Cap On will render down when cooked giving a more intense flavour.

Perfect for panfrying and roasting.


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New Zealand
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Te Mana

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