• Black Leg Chicken is perfect for a sunday roast.

Black Leg Chicken

Packaging: 6 X ~2KG PC

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Black Leg Chicken is a Label Rouge French poultry that has a firm and tasty flesh that makes it ideal for roasting.

Black Leg Chicken is farmed for 81 to 90 days in open fields of the La Bresse region of France where they are allowed to roam freely. They are slaughtered at around 3 months.

Black Leg Chicken are fed on rich diet of green proteins and cereals, which gives the its rich meaty taste and tender, moist texture.

Black Leg Chicken is part of Mieral’s “Prince de Dombes’’ range making it a certified Label Rouge product. This certification requires a slaughtering age twice longer than standard poultry, a free range breeding method and a natural diet for the birds. Not only does this guarantee the quality of animal welfare but also the quality of the end product.

Black Leg Chicken weighs between 1.6-2.6kg usually.

This bird comes oven ready.

Mieral is the last family-owned poultry company in the region of Le Bresse working with traditional methods since 1919 and celebrating 100 years of passion, knowledge and animal welfare.

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