• Jesus Saucisson is s traditional charcuterie of Lyon.

Jesus Saucisson

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Made from high quality French lean pork meat, Jesus Saucisson is a traditional charcuterie with a rich flavour with peppery notes.

Jesus Saucisson is 100% uncooked pork saucisson (dried sausage). Jesus Saucisson's flavour gradually develops as it dries.

Jesus Saucisson is naturally cured for 4 to 6 weeks for a rich flavour.

Jesus Saucisson' named so because it is a specialty of Lyon cuisine originally prepared at the end of the year, with the aim of being ready to be eaten at Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. An ideal addition to your charcuteries boards.

Created in 1892, Targe has been making saucissons for several generations and offers only the highest quality. Targe uses ancestral methods in the purest artisan tradition to craft their unique products with intense, yet subtle flavours.

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Allergens: Milk

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