Australian Wagyu Beef Flapmeat Bavette MS 4-5

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Australian Wagyu Beef Flapmeat Bavette MS 4-5 (Stock Item)

Coming from the highest credentialed Wagyu bloodlines to ever leave Japan, Westholme Wagyu cattle are free to roam the vast Australian stations, fed on Mitchell grass and finished on a blend of grains for exceptional flavour and succulent texture. All graded to the highest MSA guidelines ensuring the highest quality every time.

4-5MBS Westholme Wagyu Bavette, also known as a flank comes from the belly, a well used muscle the 4-5MBS Westholme Wagyu Bavette is flavourful and typically with a loose texture. Make sure to cut across the grain.

Cooking tip(for a 250g steak): Rub a little oil into the Bavette before cooking. Firstly, sear the steak on all sides on a high heat to slightly blacken the outside of it. Then reduce the temperature to a medium heat. Cook for 3-4 more minutes whilst brushing the steak with butter. Rest for 5-7 mins before serving. 


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