8 Brix Verjus

Packaging: 500ML BTL

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Made from ice-wine grapes, 8 Brix Verjus has a delicious sweet and tangy flavour that is perfect for marinating, salad dressings and even cocktails. (Stock item)

Made in Canada, The 8 Brix Verjus has a deep amber colour from the juice of the Minus 8 white ice-wine grapes.

Delicate aroma's of green grass and sauvignon blanc turn into a sweet and sour herbaceous flavour, tangy with sour candy on a long finish. The 8 Brix Verjus  is great for both cooking and in beverages.

Ideal for marinating fish and chicken. 

Comes in a 500ml bottle. 

Minus 8, creators of some of the finest ice wine vinegars and verjus's and named after the temperature the grapes are harvested at, are a family-owned company from Niagara, Canada. Located between two great lakes, the freezing winters and hot, sunny summers combine to create an incredible flavour.

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Allergens: Sulphites

Gluten Free. Alcohol Free


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