Yuki No Sei Japanese Sushi Rice

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Yuki No Sei Japanese Sushi Rice (Non-stock Item)

Selected by Classic Fine Foods offers a range of products to answer the local needs of its customers for essential and affordable products while answering the new market trends. They strive to bring chefs new solutions at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality.

This Yuki No Sei Japanese Sushi Rice is especially suitable for sushi. Its white and pure color like snow gave it the name in Japanese of “snow spirit”. Indeed, it is produced in Niigata, a region characterized by cold winters with heavy snowfall. Spring snowmelt irrigates the rice fields, providing all the nutrients needed for rice production.

Use : Yuki No Sei Japanese Sushi Rice's larger grains and its elasticity are perfect to prepare sushi or risotto. Instructions : Rinse the rice several times then drain it. Put the rice in the rice cooker and add 1.2 volume of water for 1 volume of dry rice. For cooking in a saucepan, cook with a lid on low heat, turn off the heat 3-5 minutes after the water starts boiling, checking that there is no more water. Otherwise, let it boil a little longer. After cooking, keep warm for 10 minutes with the lid on, then add the sushi vinegar and air it well, mixing the rice gently. Use 150g of dry rice / 2 servings.


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