Isigny Fromage Blanc
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  • Isigny Fromage Blanc

Isigny Fromage Blanc

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Isigny Fromage Blanc is a light and velvety soft cheese with a mild, tangy flavour making it ideal for both sweet and savoury cuisine. (Stock Item)

Also known as cream cheese, Isigny Fromage Blanc is characteristically thick and rich in milk solids. This cheese is unique as there is less water for a given percentage of fat in dry matter). Isigny Cream Cheese is very silky and luxurious. Its creamy texture a symphony of rich, delicate flavours, encapsulating the essence of artisanal craftsmanship and tradition in every velvety bite.

Isigny Fromage Blanc is perfect for tiramisu and cheesecake as well as cheese sauces and pastry fillings.

As the most awarded dairy company in France its no surprise that Isigny Sainte-Mère's are world famous and an approved PDO site. Combining traditional know-how and the ideal pastures of Normandy they have won over 300 medals.

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Allergens: Milk

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