Flax Fiber

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Flax Fiber (Stock Item)

Sosa is one of the leading manufacturers of premium ingredients for gastronomy and pastry. Sosa texturisers all share the same characteristics indispensable in the world’s finest kitchen; flavour neutrality and range of texture.

Flax Fiber is a Fiber from brown and golden flax seeds. Flax Fiber can be used as an egg yolk substitute to improve emulsion or to replace eggs yolk or an emulsifier (Ex: in mousse and cremeux) or to replace egg whites in terrines or stuffings as a binding agent.

It can also be used as a stabilizer for ice cream and sorbet to improve products' texture when thawed or solve syneresis problems.

It is also a good thickener; it can replace starch or Xanthan to thicken hot and cold preparations (ex: sauce, soup, stews)


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