Artisan Biscuits

Artisan Biscuits

Miller’s Damsel Artisan Biscuits is a family-run bakery in the Peak District. The company combines natural ingredients and traditional baking methods to create authentic and delicious baked goods.

Rich in history, Miller’s Damsel Artisan Biscuits have been following the same baking techniques for over 100 years. Their traditional approach to baking means many of the processes are done by hand.

To achieve a natural and delicious taste, the bakery only uses butter, extra virgin oil or non-hydrogenated oil in their products and no artificial additives or preservatives. The company ethos is simplicity ensures quality.

The company cares about attention to detail. The bakery has a team of 20 bakers to check over all the biscuits and crackers to ensure perfection in every product.

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