The Estate Dairy

The Estate Dairy

Exceptional dairy product from the heart of Somerset. The Estate Dairy are a collective of young passionate individuals dedicated to producing and bottling the highest quality milk, cultured butter and cream.

The Estate Dairy source the richest milk from small, local family farm holdings that share their ethos for quality and sustainability. Resulting in milk with a unique golden colour, as well as cultured butter and creams with a beautifully rich flavour.

The family run business draws from more than 10 years of research into the complex makeup of milk and how it behaves. It’s clear the team are devoted to the pursuit of bringing our customers exceptional dairy produce. The company’s experience in farming, scientific research and hospitality means they have an unrivalled perspective on what can be achieved for the speciality culinary industries.

The Estate Dairy value sustainability, which is why they only work with forward-thinking farms and suppliers. Established over 6 years ago, The Estate Dairy is highly regarded as one of London’s leading dairy suppliers.

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