Based in Singapore, Tindle has a mission; to create a great chicken experience that smells, cooks and tastes like a chicken thigh, made from plants.

Tindle’s extensive research into what makes chicken taste so good has resulted in the creation of Lipi™; a unique blend of plant-based fats and flavour that gives the distinctive aroma, taste and cookability of chicken.

Made for chefs, their chicken ‘Thy’ is highly versatile and easy to mold, giving you endless possibilities to create.

Driven by sustainability, Tindle offers a product that helps reduce our environmental footprint, using less land, water and GHG emissions than chicken.

Their plant-based chicken is made from all natural, no-GMO ingredients that are high in protein, making their product not only good for the environment but for your health too.

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Plant Based Chicken 'Thy'


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