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New year! New us! Introducing our Vision, Mission & Values

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2023 has been the year of wonderful new product launches, exciting events, incredible partnerships & new openings...but also the year of self-reflection and introspection!

What are we striving to become? What is the fundamental purpose of our company? What are our core beliefs and principles?

We have answered all those essential questions so we can grow stronger as a company.

We are proud to share with you our new Vision, Mission & Values.

Classic Fine Foods' Vision is to be the leading global provider of the finest ingredients and innovative culinary solutions.

We want to be at the forefront, setting the trends in our different markets and offering the finest ingredients as well as creative, groundbreaking solutions.

We have more than 25 different teams and locations, with the objective of extending and covering more territories, partnering with producers from all around the world.

Classic Fine Foods' Mission is to inspire, empower and support chefs in realizing their culinary ambitions!

We want to inspire and stimulate chefs with an extensive and innovative product range. We aim to empower them through training courses, demonstrations, workshops, events, tasting sessions and to provide guidance from our dedicated teams; experts in their field who are passionate about the industry.

At Classic Fine Foods, our Values define who we are and what makes us truly unique:


These are our fundamental pillars, our core beliefs and the standards that define the way we aspire to service our customers and conduct our business.

At Classic Fine Foods, our values define how we think, operate and service our customers. They are intrinsic to our daily operations and continually make us strive to do better. Our first value is:


An unwavering commitment to attain the highest standards.

We set ourselves a very high bar in everything we do, along the whole value chain. We source ingredients of the utmost QUALITY and superiority & provide an exceptional level of service to our clients, daily.

We import and store our products in the best conditions, respecting the highest quality & safety standards, taking the greatest care when it comes to picking accuracy & delivery. We are proud to work with the most discerning chefs from around the world who expect nothing less than perfection. We strive to make sure that we are the most reliable & TRUSTWORTHY partner, exceeding their expectations and constantly going the extra mile so they can create EXCEPTIONAL dining experiences.

Classic Fine Foods operates in accordance with our core values, shaping our mindset, actions, and commitment to serving our customers. Our second value is:


The CUSTOMER at the heart of every decision we make Classic Fine Foods operates with the customer at the forefront of everything we do, across all our departments.

Our commitment to a customer-centric approach means that we place paramount importance on attentively UNDERSTANDING our customers' desires and consistently staying ahead of their evolving needs.

We support them through our EXPERT product knowledge, always seeking out new insights & trend updates to enhance the ways in which we can help.

Armed with this knowledge, we hand-pick niche products and offer new SOLUTIONS to suit their needs. Our customer-focused service & support is proven to be flexible & adaptable.

Our mindset, actions, and dedication to serving our customers are all influenced by the core values that define Classic Fine Foods. Our third value is:


Striving to make a difference for a better future.

We are committed to making decisions that are ETHICAL & responsible, starting with the products we source.

When we select a new partner or a product, we pay particular attention to how the product has been created and which production methods have been chosen.

We want to work with the best partners, those who choose extensive production methods, are COMMITTED to animal welfare and RESPECT the environment.

We also take measures to minimize our own environmental footprint, whether that be the way in which our products are imported, the vans we drive or the electricity we use to power our warehouses.

At Classic Fine Foods, our fundamental values guide our approach to thinking, conducting business, and supporting our customers. Our fourth value is:


A culture dedicated to food led by experts in their field.

We are a bunch of FOODIES trying to make the planet a better place by enhancing every cooking & dining experience!

Our teams are true ENTHUSIASTS, passionate about the food industry, always excited to unearth the most amazing ingredients for our customers and share their latest discoveries.

We like to seek out and surround ourselves with partners who are similarly passionate about all that they do. It gives everyone at Classic Fine Foods a real sense of JOY & fulfilment, something that is evident when meeting our teams.

Shaping our thoughts, operations, and customer service, the core values of Classic Fine Foods are the driving force behind our daily activities. Our fifth value is:


Guided by curiosity and thriving for continuous innovation.

We believe we are the market leader & TRENDSETTER in our industry and in order to maintain our position, we take calculated risks, always ready to explore new possibilities and take up new challenges. We love to bring INNOVATIONS & breakthrough solutions to our customers.

Our eagerness to be a step ahead of the competition is reflected in the way we engage with our teams.

We offer an open-minded working environment, encourage CREATIVE thinking and empower our staff to explore new ideas and take ownership of their actions.

Classic Fine Foods is grounded in values that shape our mindset, operations, and customer interactions. These principles form the backbone of our daily endeavors, motivating us to consistently seek ways to enhance our performance. Our sixth value is:


The feeling of a united work family.

At Classic Fine Foods, we seek to instill a strong sense of belonging & togetherness.

We are a diverse melting pot with our teams spread across 26 different locations around the world who are all UNITED by the One Classic Fine Foods spirit.

Through supporting each other, learning about our cultures, welcoming DIVERSITY and making everyone feel like they have found a home in Classic Fine Foods, we have achieved the complex challenge of establishing a sense of FAMILY at work.

It is important to us that everyone feels that they belong and can come together as one.

As we step into the future guided by these principles, Classic Fine Foods remains committed to enhancing our performance, exceeding expectations, and making a positive impact on the culinary world. With a sense of family at our core, we look forward to embracing new challenges, fostering creativity, and continuing to be the trusted partner for chefs around the globe. Here's to a future filled with excellence, passion, and the shared success of One Classic Fine Foods!

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