VRMH No. 1

Packaging: 700ML BOTTLE

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VRMH No. 1 is a non-alcoholic spirits inspired by a classic Italian Vermouth from JNPR (Stock Item)

VRMH No. 1 is a non-alcoholic spirits inspired by a classic Italian Vermouth, traditionally slightly sweet & amber. VRMH No. 1 is based on de-alcoholised white wine and created with various hydrolats & infusions, including absinthe plants and spices.

JNPR's ethos is to have a drink that is better suited for modern life, that can provide the same feelings as alcohol, without any other consequences.

JNPR is an exquisite French brand specializing in premium non-alcoholic spirits. JNPR vision is to revolutionize the aperitif experience by providing a delightful non-alcoholic alternative for those festive occasions when abstaining from alcohol.

Inspired by extensive research and the recognized medicinal qualities of distilled juniper berries, along with a curated selection of other botanicals and spices, JNPR founder Valérie de Sutter, in collaboration with the renowned bartender Flavio Angiolillo, embarked on a journey to craft a distinctive range of non-alcoholic spirits. Committed to sustainability, they have proudly planted 100 juniper trees in the picturesque region of Normandy, giving rise to the unique and eco-conscious world of JNPR.

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