• Raspberry Wet Proof Crispy is coated to ensure the crisp texture.

Raspberry Wet Proof Crispy

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Raspberry Wet Proof Crispy are freeze-dried raspberry pieces covered in cocoa butter that will add a burst of flavour taste and texture to your creations. (Stock Item)

Raspberry Wet Proof Crispy are freeze dried raspberry pieces with an intense tangy, red fruit taste and interesting crisp and crunchy texture.

Raspberry Wet Proof Crispy are coated in cocoa butter to ensure their crisp texture is kept when put in wet mixtures such as ice creams, sauces and mousses.

Wet Proof Raspberry Crispy are is made from glucose syrup, sugar, raspberries, and the thickening agent, sodium alginate. To make this product, Raspberries are dehydrated and made into powder which is combined to create a crispy piece texture and coated in cocoa butter..

Use Raspberry Wet Proof Crispy in all cold applications.

The crispies are perfect for adding a little more taste and texture to desserts, pastries, ice creams and chocolate bonbons.

This product comes in a sealed tub to ensure freshness in every use. Keep in a cool, dry place.

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Stock Item

May contain milk, Soya

Gluten Free


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