• Frozen Soursop Puree

Frozen Soursop Puree

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Frozen Soursop Puree is a delicious exotic puree made from Soursop fruit from Madagascar.  (Stock Item)

The Soursop fruit used for Frozen Soursop Puree comes from the Vavatenina district of Madagascar where the trees naturally flourish, especially between June and August. Soursop for Soursop Puree is produced by small-scale growers who peel the fruit and remove the inedible seeds. The next stage is to sieve and flash pasteurise the pulp, then add ten percent of pure cane sugar, to produce a tasty purée.

Frozen Soursop Puree is made with 10% sugar and is a pearly white colour, amazing texture and wonderful length of flavour.

This puree is part of Ponthier’s ‘ Pure Trace’ range meaning they offer full traceability of their ingredients, even specifying the name of the producer and the locality of harvest as well as guaranteeing responsible and healthy cultivation.

Ponthier Fruit Purees are a first choice for top pastry chefs around the world.

Frozen Soursop Puree is ideal for adding to sorbets, ice cream mousses and sauces.

Frozen Soursop Puree pairs really well with flavours such as lychee, orange abd lime. .

Ponthier have spent the last 70 years crafting the finest ranges of fresh and frozen fruit purees, sourced from the best products from around the world. Using single variety, single origin fruits picked at peak ripeness with no additives gives a consistent highest quality flavour. Need some inspiration?

Check out Ponthier’s website for delicious dessert and drink recipes here.

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Vegan. Gluten Free.


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