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Valrhona Oqo 73% Dark Couverture Block

Packaging: BOX OF 3 PCS X 1KG BLOCK

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Valrhona Oqo 73% Dark Couverture Block (Stock Item)

Exclusively available to Classic Fine Foods UK customers.

Experience the Dawn of Chocolate: Valrhona Oqo 73% Dark Couverture Block

For professional chefs seeking a groundbreaking chocolate experience, Valrhona introduces Oqo: the first dark couverture crafted with whole, unhulled cocoa beans. This revolutionary product shatters tradition, offering an intense 73% Madagascar origin flavour profile and a surprisingly crunchy texture thanks to the inclusion of fine bean shell pieces.

Unparalleled Flavour & Sustainable Practices:

Single-Origin Power: Oqo features whole beans sourced from Madagascar, delivering a powerful taste that resonates with the essence of pure cocoa.

Unique Textural Delight: The inclusion of whole bean shells creates a delightful crunch unlike any other couverture, adding a captivating new dimension to your creations.

Three-Ingredient Purity: Made with only whole Madagascan cocoa beans, unrefined beet sugar, and cocoa butter, Oqo embodies Valrhona's commitment to clean-label ingredients. This minimalist approach also allows for the recycling of cocoa shells, promoting environmental responsibility.

Fuel Your Creativity & Reimagine Gastronomy:

Valrhona Oqo places a universe of culinary possibilities at your fingertips. Its intense flavour profile and innovative texture inspire the creation of showstopping desserts, mousses, ganaches, and more.  Reinvent the future of gastronomy with this revolutionary couverture – a testament to Valrhona's century-long dedication to pushing the boundaries of chocolate artistry.

For nearly 100 years Valrhona have led the way in chocolate production, from responsible sourcing to every step along the production process. Using innovative techniques and professional expertise Valrhona have created some of the finest chocolates in the world.

Exclusively available to Classic Fine Foods UK customers.


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