Frozen IQF Apricot Halves

Packaging: 5 PACKETS X 1KG BAG

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Frozen IQF Apricot Halves are picked in season and frozen quickly for total freshest and all-year-round consumption, perfect for all your pastry recipes. (Stock Item)

Harvested in areas where the environment for growing is perfect, Frozen IQF Apricot Halves are deliciously sweet with a tangy finish and soft, juicy texture.

The apricots are carefully selected before freezing according to their variety and origin to guarantee their flavour and stability when thawing. Fruit Rouges & Co and their farmers sort the fruit to ensure they are the highest quality possible, checking them for their size, colour and ripeness.

Frozen IQF Apricot Halves are conveniently pre-stoned and halved to save time and resources in your kitchens.

This frozen product allows you to have quality seasonal fruits all year round. Frozen IQF Apricot Halves are jam-quality but are also perfect for adding to tarts, clafoutis, pastry fillings and decoration.

Fruits Rouges & Co is a frozen fruit company that is committed to providing the highest quality fruit. Growers are carefully selected based on territory, quality of fruit, and crop management methods. The company are committed to supporting local French fruit production, partnering with 70 local growers from the Hauts-de-France and Grande Est regions.

The company offers a wide range of frozen fruits from individual fruits to fruit mixes such as mixed red berries.

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