Morcilla Pure Iberico De Bellota

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Morcilla Pure Iberico De Bellota (Stock Item)

Award winning 100% Bellota Iberico pork from Jabugo, Spain. Juan Pedro Domecq offer some of the finest ham products to be found in the Iberian peninsular.The pigs are free to roam in acres of acorn woods to give that distinctive taste and quality you expect.

Morcilla Pure Iberico De Bellota is made from 100% acorn-fed Iberico pigs. The artisinal curing process lasts for 4 weeks.

With an intense flavour and strong aroma, Morcilla Pure Iberico De Bellota is the perfect ingredient for Spanish cuisine and a great addition to a charcuterie board.


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EU Origin
No Certification
Bellota Iberico

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