Whole Fresh Gas Flushed Piglet

Packaging: 7-8.9KG PC

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Whole Fresh Gas Flushed Piglet (Non-stock Item)

Based in Northern France, Porketto have a recognised international presence as the European specialist in piglets. Their specialisation allows them to offer a source of supply in quantity and quality.

As a younger meat, Fresh Whole Piglet has a more delicate flavour and tender texture. Fresh Whole Piglet is perfect for hog roasts for large celebration dinners. Best cooked over a spit whole as this slow and steady cooking method allows the heat to evenly penetrate the meat, resulting in tender, juicy, and flavourful pork.

Gas flushing involves replacing the air within the packaging with a combination of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, which creates an optimal atmosphere within the package that helps extend the shelf life of the pork and maintain its visual appeal.


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