Smoked Pimento Paprika

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Also known as Pimenton de la Vera, Smoked Pimento Paprika is slightly spicy but with a strong smoky flavour, typical of traditional Spanish cuisine. (Stock Item)

Smoked Pimento Paprika is an oak-smoked spice with delicious notes of chorizo, made using the best of Spain's traditions

Smoked Pimento Paprika comes from the Zitava area of Slovakia where it has been made for hundreds of years.

Pimenton de la Vera comes from the Capsicum annuum bush. The fruits are carefully hung up to dry, then smoked using green oak wood for two weeks. There are only 12 producers of Pimenton de la Vera who have this specific know-how. Perfect for adding smokiness to paella and other Spanish cuisines.

From the discovery of the Penja pepper in Cameroon in 1998, Terre Exotique was formed to bring some of the most gastronomically creative and gourmet salts, peppers, spices and herbs to chef's around the world.

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