Ja Higashi Tokushima Sudachi Juice

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Ja Higashi Tokushima Sudachi Juice (Stock Item)

Selected by Classic Fine Foods offers a range of products to answer the local needs of its customers for essential and affordable products while answering the new market trends. They strive to bring chefs new solutions at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality.

Ja Higashi Tokushima Sudachi Juice is the flagship product, typical of Tokushima, where 98% of the national production comes from. Its refreshing and unique sourness has been appreciated for a long time by Japanese people. Speaking of which, Tokushima prefecture is the first consumer of sudachi while the consumption of lemon is the lowest of the country. This pure and additive free Ja Higashi Tokushima Sudachi Juice comes from squeezed sudachi produced by producer cooperative harvested in late summer.

Flavour : A complex aroma with a refreshing sourness, reminding lime.

Use : Rich in vitamin C and citric acid, sudachi is usually used as it is in Japan. Its refreshing taste enhances raw fish sashimi, grilled fishes and grilled mushrooms. Sudachi gives an extra flavour to tofu, sunomono vegetables, nabe sauces and broth made of soy sauce and mirin for example. You can incorporate it to a home-made ponzu ! Sudachi’s sourness goes perfectly with alcohols such as sake, shochu or in a cocktail.


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