Organic Yuzu Peel Powder

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Organic Yuzu Peel Powder (Stock Item)

Selected by Classic Fine Foods offers a range of products to answer the local needs of its customers for essential and affordable products while answering the new market trends. They strive to bring chefs new solutions at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality.

Yuzu is a small Japanese citrus that only produces a small amount of juice and has a very fragrant peel, between mandarin and citron. This organic powder is made from slowly dried organic yuzu peel with hot air that have been grounded into a flavourful powder afterwards. With this Organic Yuzu Peel Powder you can enjoy the flavour of yuzu without moistening your mixes. It is made by our organic citruses producer, based in Tokushima, an area well known for its citruses.

Flavour : The subtle and complex flavour of yuzu, perfectly balanced between mandarin and citron with a nice sourness in the finish.

Use : Organic Yuzu Peel Powder is ideal to give a yuzu flavour to butter, salt and to create delicious blends of spices or tea. It will be perfect in cocktails, marinades and sauces, mixed to breadcrumbs to fry a fish or sprinkled on top of grilled food or salads as a finishing touch.


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