Isigny Beurre De Baratte

Packaging: BOX OF 12 X 250G

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Isigny Beurre De Baratte is a churned butter a has golden buttercup colour and distinctive notes of milk with chunks of salt crystals. (Non-stock Item)

Isigny Beurre De Baratte is made from only the best milks from the Isigny terrior, selected for their exceptional richness in cream, protein and vitamins. As an AOP/PDO (Protected Designation of Area) butter, all milk used to make the butter is from this region.

When the milk is first collected it goes through a series of rigorous tests to see if it meets the demanding quality levels required by Isigny Ste Mere. Sea salt crystals is then added to the butter to elevate the flavour.Only the highest quality creams are selected to be churned into Isigny Unsalted Butter Rolls

. During a slow and traditional maturation process, the creams develop their distinctive aromas and organoleptic qualities. The cream is seeded with lactic cultures before resting for 16-18 hours and are then ready to be churned. As specified by AOP standards, nothing is added or taken away from the butter.

The churning process creates a smooth and creamy butter, with Isigny’s signature golden buttercup colour and distinctive notes of hazelnut and milk.

Isigny Beurre De Baratte is made with the world famous Isigny Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Cream in accordance with traditional techniques, the Isigny Beurre De Baratte requires nothing to be added or taken away from the butter.

Comes in a box of 12 x 250g.

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As the most awarded dairy company in France its no surprise that Isigny Sainte-Mère's are world famous and an approved PDO site. Combining traditional know-how and the ideal pastures of Normandy they have won over 300 medals.

Allergens: Milk

Non-stock Item


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