De Meaux Quarters Renard-Gillard Brie

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De Meaux Quarters Renard-Gillard Brie (Stock Item)

Selected by Classic Fine Foods offers a range of products to answer the local needs of its customers for essential and affordable products while answering the new market trends. They strive to bring chefs new solutions at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality.

The King of Cheese, De Meaux Quarters Renard-Gillard Brie is made exclusively from raw milk and has a full and generous creamy taste.The longer the maturation period, the more flavourful the brie. De Meaux Quarters Brie is a 'Protected Designation of Origin' (PDO) cheese produced in Biencourt-sur-Orge, France.

History tells us that it was greatly appreciated by King Louis XVI, and that he was guillotined for this reason; stopping in Varennes to taste some, his pursuers are said to have finally caught him.

Allergens: Milk


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