Pure South

Pure South

Pure South is part of the Alliance co-operative which is one of the world’s largest lamb and venison producers and owned by more than 4,000 family-farms. The company farms some of the world’s finest red meats in the pristine, natural environment of New Zealand.

Starting in 1948 with small group of passionate farmers, Pure South has farming in its blood. Their respect for nature means they are committed to traceability and animal welfare. At it's core, the company is powered by grass: sustainable, abundant, fed by rainwater or from plentiful rivers. 

Natural methods of farming are important to the co-operative. All their animals are free rang  and grass-fed and the farmers don’t use growth-promoting hormones. The lamb’s strict grass-fed diet results in meat that is sweetly-aged and naturally low in fat with fewer calories. Their healthy meat is created by nature and nurtured by farmers.

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Frozen Pure South Lamb Rack Cap Off

20PCS X +/-500-600G

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Frozen Pure South Lamb Shoulder Boneless

16 PCS X +/-1.1KG

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