Otterburn Mangalitza

Otterburn Mangalitza

Otterburn Mangalitza is the North Yorkshire home for pure-breed Mangalitza pigs in the UK. The family-run business has an unmatched reputation for quality, borne out of its high-profile clientele and the growing global demand.

Originally from Hungary, Mangalitza pigs reach their prime at two years of age and neither the meat nor the fat quality depreciates over time. The pigs are reared for a minimum of two years to ensure that they are the absolute best and, more importantly, to give each animal a longer and happier life.

With its range of pork products, Otterburn Mangalitza strives to produce the best meat and fat and has achieved the highest level of marbling in the UK. It has some of the rarest bloodlines of Mangalitza pigs in the UK and is dedicated to keeping these lines going.

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